Dermatological problems

Dermatology, as a science, studies diseases of the skin, nails and hair, as well as the relationship of skin diseases with other areas of medicine. The scope of action of dermatologists often intersect with the work of urologists, surgeons, gynecologists, beauticians.

The skin is often called the “third kidney” because it excretes metabolic products and toxins around the clock, along with the volume that is filtered through the kidneys. If the kidneys in the body are overloaded, some of the waste is excreted as signs of skin diseases, rashes, purulent “pimples” or dandruff.

The task of the dermatologist is to find the cause of the skin disease and competently connect it with possible diseases of other organs. Such an approach provides our patients with a high probability of getting rid of skin problems once and for all.

Common diseases