The Clinic

"MIRABEL" Clinic for Aesthetic, Clinical Dermatology and Venereology - Burgas was founded as a modern dermatological facility. It was founded by Dr. Nedialko Dragolov in June 2005 with the idea to provide citizens contemporary, innovative solutions in the treatment of skin and venereal diseases, skilfully combining classic basic achievements of the specialty with the latest hi-tech technologies of aesthetic medicine, medical cosmetics and spa treatments.

The clinic is located in its own ground floor area of ​​140 m2 adjacent to DCC "St. George "(the former Military Hospital) and private polyclinic" Burgas "possessing the most advanced clinical laboratory in the city, suggesting, if necessary, the possibility of complete and extensive research in collaboration with the two medical structures. There are two pharmacies at disposal to the clinic - pharmacy "MIRABEL 1", located in the courtyard of DCC "St. George "and the pharmacy "MIRABEL 2" - in Burgas Clinic, which implies a complete closed-loop service to our customers.

The clinic offers - Aesthetic and Clinical Dermatology office - Venereology office - laser and radiofrequency procedures and consultative stand with medical cosmetic.

Mirabel Aesthetics & Lasers
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