Dr. Dragolov

Dr. Nedyalko Dragolov is a dermatologist born in Burgas. He graduated with honours from the Medical University of Varna in 1990. On the following year, 1991, he was enrolled as a military officer – doctor in the Bulgarian Army. During his military service he did a specialization in dermatology and venerology at the Military Medical Academy – Clinic of Dermatology – with Major General Assoc. Prof. Stoyan Tonev. He was awarded a degree in Dermatological and venereal diseases in 1995. In 1996 he started work in the Military Hospital, Burgas, where he was promoted to head of Dermatology ward, and in 2001 he ended his military service, having reached the military rank of Major.

His service gave him the opportunity to meet with leading medical experts and work with innovative technologies. In 2004 he got a Master’s degree in Health Management and decided that it was time to use all he had learnt over the years for the good of his customers by setting up his own medical centre. This led to the founding of Mirabel.

Dr. Nedyalko Dragolov is a member of the Bulgarian Dermatology Society, of the Association of Dermatologists on Private Practice, and of EADV.