Aesthetic dermatology

By definition dermatology studies not only disease manifesting in the skin but also the function and structure of the normal skin, and also deals with the development of effective methods of treatment and prevention of dermatoses. A task of aesthetic dermatology is the prevention and removal of cosmetic (aesthetic) deficiencies appear on the skin due to various factors or conditions, including age changes. The methods and means used in the treatment, aesthetic dermatology is very close to the medical cosmetology.

At a young age:

Acne and acneiform rashes - primary events or stages of development; Oily skin advantageously in the face, scalp, back, ie phenomena of seborrhea; Pigmentation, scar tissue formation at the sites of acne; "Milia" in the eyelids, cheekbones; Flat warts on the face, vulgar of the fingers, feet; Growths in the form of soft warts, which can slightly injure in external genitals - pointed warts; Dandruff.

In middle age:

Dilated capillaries, vascular "stars, spiders» in the face, knees; Flushing of the face (cuperosis), accompanied by the appearance of acne (acne rosacea); Periodic occurrence of rashes on the type of acne (acneiform); Pigmented spots; Outbreaks of yellow-pink color, covered with fatty small scales in the area of ​​the nose, eyebrows, forehead, the edge of the hairy part of the hair, on the chest (seborrheic dermatitis); Dry or oily skin from excessive insolation or irrational use of cosmetics; Wrinkles; Small flesh-colored nodules of "foot" on the neck, armpit in wells; "Grey" color or "tired" kind of person, ie stress state of the skin;

Mature and elderly:

The aforementioned problems bring more pronounced character; Dark or flesh-colored "warts" or hanging soft skin growths on the face, abdomen, upper limbs (other fibroids); Raised above the surrounding skin, brown spots, covered with greasy dirty-gray flakes, plural often localized to the back, chest, shoulders, rarely face (seborrheic keratosis); Bright redness of the face with dilated capillaries and the possible presence of inflammatory elements (rosacea); Reduction of turgor and elasticity; Swelling in the eye especially morning.